“Stagno thinks the more involved one gets in fighting for animals, the farther away one feels from the rest of society. “When you travel the aisles of the supermarket, you don’t see ‘food,’ you see the end product of factory farming and slaughterhouses. When everyone else is cooing over a box of kittens that a co-worker brings to work, you see the millions dying on the streets or receiving lethal injections of sodium pentobarbital in the shelters.” She says it’s as if you’ve acquired a kind of “x-ray vision.””

"...The most shocking part of it all for Stagno is "how massive numbers of people could desensitize themselves to extreme human suffering. Because that is the real lesson of the Holocaust, isn't it? That people could do everything and anything to those that they deemed 'sub-human.' Which is, of course, what we do to animals."

Charles Patterson. Eternal Treblinka, 2002

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